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S&P Firearms is proud to partner with First National Bank of North Arkansas to offer you an easy and affordable financing option for your firearm purchase.

Owning your dream gun has never been easier.

You will be provided with the final cost of the firearm. Apply online for financing. You will receive a response within 1-2 business days.

Upon approval, First National Bank of North Arkansas will alert us to place your order. At this point no order cancellations or changes are possible.

When your gun is ready to be built, we will confirm the gun build details during our “kit call.” Your gun will be built and sent to S&P Firearms.


1. If your credit is sufficiently satisfactory to our underwriter, you can take delivery of the firearm when completed.

2. If your credit does not meet our underwriter standards, we will still finance your firearms, but it will be held by us until the contract is paid in full.

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