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RamRodz Range Assortment Pack

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Start out your RamRodz® collection with the convenient and refillable Range Kit. Easily stored in a gun safe or range bag, the Range Kit includes six RamRodz models ideal for cleaning common pistols. RamRodz of any size can be used to clean all areas of the gun including bolts, receivers, slides, magazine housings, gas piston tubes, chambers and more. With caliber-specific, low-lint cotton heads, RamRodz are designed to expand into rifling grooves and conform to barrel walls, cleaning the maximum amount of surface area with each pass. All RamRodz feature a flexible, yet durable, 8” bamboo handle that bends without breaking, allowing easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Features and Benefits: 680 assorted RamRodz® in five common pistol calibers Breech Cleaner model cleans slides, receivers, breeches, and more Low-lint, caliber-specific cotton heads with flexible 8″ bamboo handle Easily stored in your range bag or gun safe Caliber Gauge Chart keeps your RamRodz® organized .22/.223/5.56 …100 9mm/.38/.357/.380…..60 .40/10mm…..50 .44/.45 Caliber….40 .50 Caliber……30 Breech….400


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