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Cabot Guns CABOT 2024 Gun of the Month Club Deluxe 6 Deluxe Limited Edition 1911 Models for 2024 **PLEASE CALL**

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Pealed from the ancient annals of Norse mythology, Odin journeyed to the Well of Wisdom with the mindset that no sacrifice is too great to gain divine knowledge. Odin sacrificed the ordinary perception of his eye in exchange for a mere sip of the sacred waters and thus Odin escaped his beleaguered everyday perception and attained an elevated realm of divine wisdom.  

Odin’s pilgrimage to attain enhanced knowledge, awareness, and refinement inspired us at Cabot Guns. Release your ordinary thinking of what a 1911 pistol can be and join the journey of the enhanced refinement of the GOTM Deluxe Collection for 2024. Gain the wisdom to tranquility appreciate that this GOTM collection can justifiably be contained within six pistols of an elite pedigree. Engage your enhanced perceptions to relish the extraordinary perfection of this collection of elite 1911.  

In tribute to Odin and in acknowledgment of your enhanced awareness, Cabot Guns is proud to launch the GOTM Deluxe Collection 2024 with The Eye of Odin 1911.  This Government length 1911 forms the pinnacle of refinement by taming the raging fires that ruggedly forged the stainless-steel Tornado Damascus slide and matching trigger and transforms it to a black-tie level of ballistic elegance that is a perfect pairing for the most formal of events.  

Hand-polished stainless-steel controls offer a luxurious contrast against the sweeping lines and precision angles of the uniquely Cabot Guns frame finished in a jet-black Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) treatment.  A solid silver bead front sight and satin Ebony grip panels top off the opening act of the GOTM Deluxe Collection 2024.  

Chambered in 45ACP and delivering rock-solid performance The Eye of Odin will immediately elevate your appreciation of what a modern 1911 can be and will be at your arms reach at the range, at home, and on your hip.  Let your enhanced senses excite as you relish the realization that The Eye of Odin is just the tip of what is to come throughout 2024 in the GOTM Deluxe Collection.  


Introducing the Jones 1911 – Gatsby Edition from Cabot Guns, the latest addition to our 2024 Gun of The Month Deluxe collection. This exquisite piece, chambered in the classic .45 ACP, is a modern reinterpretation of our flagship model that debuted with us in 2011 – the Jones 1911. It stands as a testament to the vast strides Cabot has made, representing not just our proud past but also our ambitious vision for the future.

Crafted with unmatched precision, the Gatsby Edition is an exemplar of exquisite machining of the highest order. Its sleek lines and intricate patterns, inspired by the Art Deco era, are a tribute to the era of the Great Gatsby, reflecting the luxurious and bold aesthetic synonymous with the Roaring Twenties.

This pistol is more than a firearm; it’s a piece of art. The commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, evident in every detail, ensures that each Gatsby Edition is not only a functional masterpiece but also an investment-grade collector’s item. Its limited production echoes the exclusivity and allure of Gatsby’s lavish world, making it a coveted piece for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Proudly made in the USA, the Jones 1911 – Gatsby Edition is a celebration of American ingenuity and a nod to a classic American novel. It symbolizes the enduring legacy of an influential era in American culture and style, blending Cabot’s commitment to excellence with the timeless allure of the Jazz Age.

For collectors who value both form and function, the Gatsby Edition offers an opportunity to own a part of American history, reenvisioned through the lens of Cabot’s innovative craftsmanship and the opulent imagery of the Great Gatsby. This piece marks another chapter in Cabot Guns’ journey as a beacon of American-made quality and luxury.


Introducing “Cabot Zeus,” a divine addition to our prestigious 2024 Gun of The Month Club Deluxe collection. This pistol is not just a firearm; it’s a mythological tale brought to life through the artistry of Cabot Guns. Inspired by Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, this piece embodies the power and awe associated with its namesake, complete with elements that echo the might of lightning, Zeus’s signature weapon.

The “Cabot Zeus” is a majestic blend of strength and artistry. Its upper and lower are constructed from robust 4140 Carbon Steel, with the lower finished in a mesmerizing color case hardened pattern, reminiscent of the tumultuous skies from which Zeus ruled. The upper is traditionally blued, creating a stark, beautiful contrast that highlights the weapon’s formidable elegance.

The slide of “Cabot Zeus” is a canvas for masterful engraving. It features a detailed scroll pattern, elegantly crafted to tell the story of Zeus’s reign. The centerpiece of this artistry is a prominent lightning bolt, engraved and inlaid in 24-karat gold, symbolizing the raw power and brilliance of lightning itself. Additionally, the slide is adorned with golden “C’s” representing Cabot, adding a touch of brand prestige to this mythic creation. Complementing the gold accents, the Cabot blue engraved small parts enhance the pistol’s visual allure, creating a truly stunning piece.

Another element which sets “Cabot Zeus” apart is its grips, made from 12,000+ year old Mammoth Tusk. These grips boast a unique golden color, capturing the essence of antiquity and rarity, suitable for a weapon that could be presented to the gods themselves. The ancient material adds a layer of historical significance, making each “Cabot Zeus” not just a pistol, but a piece of history in your hands. Chambered in classic .45 ACP.


The Kings and Queens of European royal bloodlines inherit their kingdoms and rule with a hand of soft flesh in the lap of luxury.  But this land is America!  Our Kings and Queens are the titans of industry, the entrepreneurs of technology, the capitalists of world economies! Our bloodlines lead back to the blood of our soldiers, the sweat of our industries, and tears of our families.  This Nation did not build us, rather we built this Nation with chiseled muscles and grizzled hands. Our luxuries are earned and appreciated because they are profoundly the fruits of our efforts, the product of our success. No, we are not of royal blood, but our most prized luxuries are the most revered in the world for they are made by us, for us, and of the finest of materials so as the others pale by comparison. There is nothing more American than the 1911 45ACP pistol that preserves our freedoms and inspires our senses, and there is nothing more eternally luxurious than a 1911 pistol hewn from the finest materials offered to us by this earth.   

The Damascus Royale pistol is not a Royal pistol, it is a pistol that is as American and luxurious as a gleaming casino amid a dark-skied Nevada night, grabbing the attention of those fortunate enough to gain a glimpse of its regal presence.  

Built on a backbone of the most advanced stainless-steel Damascus it has the provenance for performance, yet Damascus Royale possesses a striking soul with each pistol having a pattern that is a unique one-of-a-kind fingerprint drawn out through our proprietary hand finishing. The rarity of a 1911 pistol in full upper and lower Damascus cannot be overstated as the constructive efforts needed to transform Damascus steels into highly tolerance machines is not for the faint-of-heart. Fortunately for you, our craftsmen at Cabot Guns are not the faint-of-heart, rather they pour their American hearts, souls, and sweat into the maelstrom of precision machining, the refinement of elite gunsmithing, and the finesse of painstaking hand finishing that are a requirement to deliver in the finest 1911 pistols ever created.  

This Government length 1911 in 45 ACP leaves no compromise to performance and the crystal-clear grips create a window to give view to every inch of its Damascus soul. A 24 kt solid gold bead front sight is perched on the muzzle and the gold PVD trigger and barrel add a pop of excitement as an accent to this full Damascus pistol.  

The Cabot Guns Damascus Royale 1911 is a highlight in the GOTM Deluxe Collection for 2024 and is 100% an American luxury earned.  Be proud of your success, you earned it!


October’s changing leaves inspired its unique design. The Blackleaf’s scrollwork is a homage to this season, featuring large, curling leaves and flowing stems. The intricate loops, coils, and seed motifs symbolize the eternal cycle of life and new beginnings. It’s a masterclass in ornamental scroll style, where every transition point unveils complex leaves, heralding the start of new scrolls and patterns.

Lee Griffiths, a self-taught legend in hand-engraving, brings his extraordinary skill and dedication to perfection to the Titan. His exceptional art and scroll designs are beautifully complemented by Cabot’s unparalleled engineering and all-stainless construction. Lee’s work is so divine, I’ve often described Lee as the hand of God.

In a nod to American heritage, we’ve selected exquisitely figured American walnut for the grips. Their shape pays tribute to the avant-garde, futuristic designs of Jean St. Henri, a craftsman based out of Malibu, California. His work in the 1970s was completely unique, setting a precedent in pistol grip design with its innovative approach. Blackleaf doesn’t just embody artistic excellence; it’s a celebration of historical craftsmanship and forward-thinking design.

Chambered in .45 ACP, the Blackleaf is not just a firearm; it’s a piece of history, an artistic statement, and a testament to the enduring spirit of American innovation and craftsmanship. It’s our hope that, just as we were inspired by the past, Blackleaf will inspire future generations of craftsmen. 


Introducing “Maximus,” the sixth pistol in our exclusive 2024 Gun of The Month Collection, limited to just 24 esteemed members. A bold foray into the realm of double stack pistols, Maximus is a statement piece from Cabot Guns, signifying not only our presence in this platform but also our commitment to crafting the finest double stack pistol ever seen. As we unveil our 2024 collection in December 2023, Maximus stands as a testament to Cabot’s innovative spirit and unparalleled craftsmanship.

“Maximus,” named in homage to the legendary General Maximus, embodies the strength, leadership, and unyielding determination synonymous with its namesake. This pistol is a work of art, with both its upper and frame crafted from densely all stainless Tornado Damascus. The material itself is extraordinarily elegant, boasting tight twists and whirling patterns that captivate the eye at every round and end. The intricacies of the Damascus pattern are not just visually stunning; they tell a story of resilience and enduring beauty, much like the tale of General Maximus.

Chambered in 9mm, Maximus is a marvel of engineering and gunsmithing. Completely constructed from steel, it showcases Cabot’s dedication to precision and quality. The pistol is not just a firearm; it’s a masterpiece of machining, reflecting the highest standards of design and functionality. Every curve, every line on Maximus speaks of the meticulous attention to detail that Cabot Guns is renowned for.

As a newer entrant into the double stack platform, Cabot Guns announces with Maximus that we are not just here; we have redefined what it means to create a double stack pistol. This piece is more than a gun; it’s a declaration of our ability to blend artistic expression with practical functionality, setting a new benchmark in the world of fine firearms.

For the collector who seeks the extraordinary, Maximus offers an unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of history in the making. As part of our 2024 collection, this pistol is not just an addition to a collection; it’s a statement of excellence and a symbol of the future of Cabot Guns. Maximus is where tradition meets innovation, and artistry meets precision, a beacon of what Cabot stands for – unmatched quality, American craftsmanship, and a relentless pursuit of perfection\

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