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Pealed from the ancient annals of Norse mythology, Odin journeyed to the Well of Wisdom with the mindset that no sacrifice is too great to gain divine knowledge. Odin sacrificed the ordinary perception of his eye in exchange for a mere sip of the sacred waters and thus Odin escaped his beleaguered everyday perception and attained an elevated realm of divine wisdom.  

Odin’s pilgrimage to attain enhanced knowledge, awareness, and refinement inspired us at Cabot Guns. Release your ordinary thinking of what a 1911 pistol can be and join the journey of the enhanced refinement of the GOTM Deluxe Collection for 2024. Gain the wisdom to tranquility appreciate that this GOTM collection can justifiably be contained within six pistols of an elite pedigree. Engage your enhanced perceptions to relish the extraordinary perfection of this collection of elite 1911.  

In tribute to Odin and in acknowledgment of your enhanced awareness, Cabot Guns is proud to launch the GOTM Deluxe Collection 2024 with The Eye of Odin 1911.  This Government length 1911 forms the pinnacle of refinement by taming the raging fires that ruggedly forged the stainless-steel Tornado Damascus slide and matching trigger and transforms it to a black-tie level of ballistic elegance that is a perfect pairing for the most formal of events.  

Hand-polished stainless-steel controls offer a luxurious contrast against the sweeping lines and precision angles of the uniquely Cabot Guns frame finished in a jet-black Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) treatment.  A solid silver bead front sight and satin Ebony grip panels top off the opening act of the GOTM Deluxe Collection 2024.  

Chambered in 45ACP and delivering rock-solid performance The Eye of Odin will immediately elevate your appreciation of what a modern 1911 can be and will be at your arms reach at the range, at home, and on your hip.  Let your enhanced senses excite as you relish the realization that The Eye of Odin is just the tip of what is to come throughout 2024 in the GOTM Deluxe Collection.  

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