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Cabot Guns

Cabot Guns CABOT GUNS Jones 1911 – Gatsby Edition, .45 ACP, GOTM APRIL 2024

Product Code : CGCJONESGAT2024GOTM

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Introducing the Jones 1911 – Gatsby Edition from Cabot Guns, the latest addition to our 2024 Gun of The Month Deluxe collection. This exquisite piece, chambered in the classic .45 ACP, is a modern reinterpretation of our flagship model that debuted with us in 2011 – the Jones 1911. It stands as a testament to the vast strides Cabot has made, representing not just our proud past but also our ambitious vision for the future.

Crafted with unmatched precision, the Gatsby Edition is an exemplar of exquisite machining of the highest order. Its sleek lines and intricate patterns, inspired by the Art Deco era, are a tribute to the era of the Great Gatsby, reflecting the luxurious and bold aesthetic synonymous with the Roaring Twenties.

This pistol is more than a firearm; it’s a piece of art. The commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, evident in every detail, ensures that each Gatsby Edition is not only a functional masterpiece but also an investment-grade collector’s item. Its limited production echoes the exclusivity and allure of Gatsby’s lavish world, making it a coveted piece for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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